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Legal as a Service Ltd, a corporate boutique law firm, specializes in supporting legal, business and technology departments alike, in the fields of information technology (IT) and data protection law; including but not limited to software licensing, outsourcing, cloud services, consulting services and privacy program implementations along with new technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and agile legal services strategies.

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Projects - DSG Implementation:

The new Swiss Data Protection law entered into force September 1, 2023. It contains various new or enhanced obligations for controllers and processors, that are very similar to the EU GDPR. We would be delighted to support you with your own tailored privacy program. Also, we can conduct an internal gap assessment or internal audit or compliance checks for you.

Implementation tasks for Swiss Controllers could be:

Privacy Notice for customers, users, employees

Data processing records

Internal directives on data handling

Data Processing Agreements with Processors

Data Protection Impact Assessments

New Processes for Data Subject Rights and Data Breach

Training employees and staff

Data Transfer Agreements, Transfer Impact Assessments, EU Model Clauses (SCC)

Intragroup data flows


Projects - AI Implementation Pilots (e.g. GPT):

While everyone is starting to implement AI applications like GPT into their marketing clouds or other internal applications, certain concerns need to be addressed. Some clients have started with ring-fenced pilot implementations to learn and improve their internal set-up to mitigate the risks.


Data lakes for input data?

How to ensure data protection and privacy?

Prompt design and usability?

Prompt deletion?

How to ensure correctness of output data?

How to implement Privacy by Design and by Default?

How to protect copyright and know-how?


Projects - GDPR Implementation:

Amongst others, we have supported one of the largest international banks with their global GDPR implementation. The project was a great success. However, with the GDPR there remain quite some challenges that have not been clarified by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB, ex WP29) nor jurisprudence.

Challenges remain:

Deletion vs retention 

Swiss DSG revision

Extra-Territorial Scope 

Lead Management 

EU Model Clauses (SCC) 

Brexit impact

Intragroup data flows


WWL says: Charlene Kramer applies a "strong insight into new technologies" to her exceptional practice which includes advising clients on GDPR implementation and cloud issues.

Who is Who Legal (WWL), 2021

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Who is Who Legal (WWL), 2020

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Who is Who Legal (WWL), 2018

WWL says: Charlene Kramer is a sharp and knowledgeable IT lawyer.

Who is Who Legal (WWL), 2017